July 2013
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Whatevs . . .

Texts without much context . . .

Me: I wish I was there at this moment. Not the whole trip, mind you. Just this moment.

She: Did you see?

Me: Yes, I watched the u-stream. I love you so much. So proud of you.

She: I came really close.

Me: I saw!

She: If I had just won that last one, I would’ve gotten a trophy. The top nine get trophies. Sigh.

Me: I am sorry about that, but you were amazing.

She: That girl who beat me is in the top nine.

Me: Are amazing. Present tense.

Me: Eh . . . no concern of yours what happens to her. You did great.

She: There was a whole parade for the top nine. I was ONE away.

Me: Yes, but look how far you got! Think of all the people you left behind. All the people more than one away. Because of you.

Me: It’s hard to come close. I know.

She: Way to make me feel better.

She: Everybody hates you says mommy.

Me: What? I did not say that!  Feel better! I am soothing you!

Me: Damn it.

Me: Smart ass.

She: Sure. I am all soothed and paranoid.

Me: I’m so glad you are my daughter, silly one.

She: Uh huh.

She: Whatevs.

Me: And . . . of course . . . you’re glad I’m you’re mother.

Me: Hint.

Me: Hint . . . hint.

She: Grammar police alert!

Me: Your mother. Hush.

Me: Sassy one.

She: ::Dramatic forlorn sigh of not winning::

Me: I love you endlessly, you know.

She: Yeah.

Me: And then you say you love me too.

Me: Say it.


She: There is no script. You don’t write my lines.

Me: You are impossible.

She: Hee hee. You don’t run my life.

Me: I will run it into the GROUND if you refuse to love me.

She: You and what bulldozer?

Me: WHAT??? You stun me, baby girl.

She: Zzzzzzztttttt.

Me: Oh my god, I miss you.

She: Love you, Mom. Got to go.

Me: Later, me.

Me: I mean later. Me

Me: I love you, later me.

    19 comments to Whatevs . . .

    • A version of a later me.

      I’ve never thought of it in that way.

      I think I like it.

    • Samantha A

      Akron, Ohio. Approximately 12 miles from where I lay my head… :-) I like that some of your DNA is (was?) so nearby! Also — GREAT finish!!

      • Samantha –

        Twelve miles from Akron, where I lay my head . . .

        That sounds like the beginning of a country song, in which a line coming right up on the heels of that first line ends with “dead.”

        What is there in Akron to love?

        Besides you, I mean.

        I want to know.

        As for the finish? It was close.

        Hee hee.


    • How fun that you’ve populated the world with smart-n-sassy smaller versions of your hilarious self. I can only hope to pass on some snark to my kids instead of my random neuroses! ;P

    • Samantha A

      Um….mostly just me. ;-) but there’s also a minor league baseball team, some great hiking/biking trails, & a very good sushi place. Oh! And obviously soapbox derby… (I mean, I don’t love that, but others do! ?)

    • April

      It’s been a long while since I’ve commented. I noticed and thought of you while you were gone. We have never met, will likely never meet face to face yet I feel connected to your words in a way that is meaningful to me. I was the smaller version of you growing up yet had no older/larger/wiser version to develop my sass. Stifling was not spoken goal but the definitive result. Reading this post made me smile, giggle, long, reminisce and left me feeling inspired for the road yet travelled by my niece (coincidently a smaller version of me). That’s for sharing and doing what you do.

    • Mishelle

      Oh good lord, I tried to post a blank comment.

      Some days there isn’t enough caffeine in the freaking world.

      My daughter (who was reading over my shoulder as I read and now type) says that you should too much like me and SHE needs to adopt some sass like your daughter.

      I’m not sure how I feel about the added sass as she already has enough for a 13 yr old, in my opinion. But I appreciated the chance to enjoy your story (I laughed and I needed to) and the chance to share something with my daughter.

      So thanks!
      A seriously under-caffeinated me.

      • Oh, how pleased will Kallan be to learn she is a role-model?

        Hee hee.

        Love to you and your daughter of soon-to-be sass-dom.


        • Mishelle

          I’m terrified.

          Just terrified.

          a One Direction Sass-dom.

          Isn’t that covered by the Geneva Convention?


          • One Direction Sass-dom makes me giggle.

            You and I are in for a tortuous few years . . . Geneva Convention has got nothing to offer.

            • Mishelle

              I think the Geneva Convention needs to be re-thought and adapted.

              Like no sassy fits before caffeine.

              No sassy fits in the middle of the night.

              No sassy attacks on less than 5 hours sleep.

              Any others?


              And no, I refuse to think I may have done the same to my parents – that wasn’t me, it was my sister with Duran Duran.

    • Issa

      Ahhhh texting tweens. So fun. Sarcasm.

      (My oldest has taken to adding the word sarcasm when she is being sarcastic. Apparently I’m too dumb to be able to read sarcasm. Ahem.)

      ps. I actually do love texting my kid, mostly. Heh.

      • My children don’t need to add the word “sarcasm,” because most of what they say is sarcasm.

        Maj texted me the other day (she rarely texts me) to ask only, “Do regular mothers make plans for dinner ahead of time?”

        It was 6:02 at the time of her text and there were no plans.


    • Robin K

      Love the way you and your daughter express the closeness.