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Hope Lies In Less


July 2015
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Kallan hurls herself onto the bed in this guest room that is also my office. “I would like to lodge a complaint.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“I have been reading your posts, and it feels to me that I am not getting enough coverage lately.”

“Yes, well … you haven’t been giving me …Terrytorry

    Reset of apathy


    “Mother, I am almost ready to move out of this house. Before you know it, I’m going to be out on my own, away from you.”

    I look at Maj and I smile.  “Mmm hmm.”

    “You sound doubtful.”

    “Mmm hmm … in other news, the refrigerator filter light is on.”

    “WHAT DO YOU …Reset of apathy

    Party sperm


    Summer vacation is upon us. Kallan will be a freshman in high school in the fall. I KNOW, RIGHT?

    I would ask where the time has gone, but Kallan made me a timeline so I don’t lose a minute.

    It’s actually a project assigned in the waning days of the school year; the …Party sperm

    On his behalf


    Something short as I try to negotiate the omnipresence of need …

    The words dance individually on sunlit moted air, having fallen out of their diagrammed structure shortly after being uttered. She watches as the angles and curves of character spin aloft amidst the hued refractions of faith-beveled glass. She holds …On his behalf

    Worst heist ever


    It’s been hot, unseasonably hot, and we are, the girls and I, reluctant to leave the air-conditioned joy that is Target for the shimmering asphalt cook-top of the parking lot. We’ve been milling about in the coolness of the hat section as though any of us are hat people; we’ve been here long …Worst heist ever