December 2014
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The last duck of emptiness

She stubbed out another cigarette and read her past in the collected butted filth.


The greed of him left her breathless . . . it was like right up until that moment when he grabbed for her, she hadn’t known to want. She was one girl and then she was another, all in …The last duck of emptiness

    The magnetic pull of stupid

    Somewhere in Washington, about 50 miles north of my last sip of coffee . . . and I need to pee. I scan the roadside signage, trying to come up with a reason to stop that would just coincidentally involve access to a bathroom. There is nothing – it’s not time to eat and …The magnetic pull of stupid

    A small bit of less

    I say, “If I told you I spent far too much time today imagining the brush of your fingers against my temple, would you think less of me?”

    You say, “I could never think less of you.”

    I say, “Wait. Do you mean that you could never be swayed from your current position, in …A small bit of less

    A dress of peelings

    I am on the edge of my family, a small bit apart.

    Upset with them, but not really. Upset with myself. Upset they were here to witness my weakness.

    I apologize, but I do not forgive myself.

    I sit at the dining-room table in silence. The girls are milling about in the kitchen; their …A dress of peelings

    Ankle-splashed maturity

    I shuffle the cards, wincing as I do so, “Ow.”

    Kallan looks up, “You hurt yourself shuffling cards, Mom? That’s way lame.”

    Maj is instantly alert, “Did you get a paper cut? Did you bleed on the cards? I’m not playing if the cards are covered in bubonia fluid.”

    “Bubonia fluid?”

    “It’s a thing, …Ankle-splashed maturity