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Hope Lies In Less


July 2015
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Choreographed against the scored gleam of hardwood smooth warm flesh as a dying heart calls the beats to a dance of ending

    Sibling guts and gore holes


    Maj’s voice, when she gets emotional, is very loud indeed. There has been a long string of 95-100 degree days, and we do not have air conditioning. Maj’s voice carries out of the open windows and into the neighborhood astoundingly well. Here I am, raking dry magnolia leaves in the front yard, nodding …Sibling guts and gore holes

    The requirement of less


    “Maj, did you just use two paper towels to dry that apple?”

    Maj stands at the sink with her back to me. I watch the muscles in her bare shoulders bunch up as she leans into the counter and presses the flats of her hands hard against its surface. She lets her head …The requirement of less

    Contents due to settling


    During a time when I wasn’t here …


    Neither one of us is good at small talk, it has emerged, and so we are ten minutes into a conversation about storage lockers he and his wife have rented to hold their excess belongings. It’s an office party, and he and I are …Contents due to settling

    Nazi pole-dancer


    Dinner is marked by screaming from Kallan, who seems destined to handle the hormones and emotional instability of adolescence as a sort of miniature Incredible She-Hulk. Lately, any small bit of discontent or frustration causes her to explode in incredulous garment-rending rage. For example, here she is after I have asked her to …Nazi pole-dancer