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Hope Lies In Less


August 2015
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Dog years


Persie the Labrador lumbers into the room, breathing heavily. Kallan and I watch as the dog tries to find a graceful way to settle at our feet. In the end, she sort of hunches herself low and tips over; her legs swing out from beneath her body as though she’s an upended piece …Dog years

    Hitting the wall


    Mark and I are headed out to see Kansas (the band, not the state; the state is super flat and boring). Kansas the band is playing at the Clark County Fair; Mark and I have reached the age at which many of the bands of our youth are free with fair admission. We …Hitting the wall

    magic meets mundanity


    In the coming days (read: in the near future, depending on when I can get Mark to commit to helping me), I will be making some changes to the appearance and function of Pretty All True … long overdue changes that I hope will better serve me going forward.

    In other news, (and …magic meets mundanity

    Intentionally blank


    He opened, as he always did, with words for which there was no adequate explanation or response.

    “I met a man who keeps his eyeballs in his pockets, blind to the detritus within.”

    I said nothing. He glanced at me. “The man – his name was Wallace, I believe — offered to play …Intentionally blank

    everyday aware


    I don’t remember the book or even the narrative that turned its pages, but I do remember the scene …

    A middle-aged man stares into the mirror, marveling at the fact that every time he sees himself, he is disappointed. How can there be disappointment every time? Wouldn’t expectations lower and meet reality …everyday aware