April 2015
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The pull of her


Maj slumps into the couch across from me and pulls out a project she’s been working on. “Today I learned it is pretty much impossible to kick open a door that says PULL.”

“Some days the lessons are more momentous than others.”

“Whatever, Mother. My foot hurts.”

“I would imagine.”

“Stupid door.” She …The pull of her

    Upside-down eyes


    Maj’s bus was supposed to arrive at 4:00, and so we are here at 3:50, just in case and just in time to get a phone call from Maj letting us know that the bus will be about an hour late. Something about confusion concerning which kids were assigned to which bus and …Upside-down eyes

    What if I need you?


    Kallan dances ahead of me in the rain. “When I grow up, I’m moving somewhere warm and sunny.”

    “When I grow up, I am staying right here.”

    She laughs. “You’ll visit me, though.”

    “Eh. I don’t even like traveling now. I’ll be older then, and crabbier. You’ll have to visit me.”

    “Mom, what …What if I need you?

    Suffocation is a kink


    Our dining-room table is huge and heavy and wooden, with two long separate wooden benches, one on either side. When the four of us sit down to eat, we always sit in our assigned spots – Kallan and Maj on one side and Mark and I on the other. Maj always sits across …Suffocation is a kink

    Vaguely forward


    Imagine Mark and I somewhere touristy without children.

    There’s no way he’ll go for it, but I hold up the brochure anyway. “You can rent bicycles, it says. You want to rent bicycles and ride around?”

    Mark sips his beer. “Not even a little bit.”

    “Come on … it wouldn’t be like an …Vaguely forward