March 2015
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Whatevs . . .

Texts without much context . . .

Me: I wish I was there at this moment. Not the whole trip, mind you. Just this moment.

She: Did you see?

Me: Yes, I watched the u-stream. I love you so much. So proud of you.

She: I came really close.

Me: I saw!

She: If …Whatevs . . .

    A dress of peelings

    I am on the edge of my family, a small bit apart.

    Upset with them, but not really. Upset with myself. Upset they were here to witness my weakness.

    I apologize, but I do not forgive myself.

    I sit at the dining-room table in silence. The girls are milling about in the kitchen; their …A dress of peelings

    Standing in a bullseye

    Maj and Kallan and I are in the midst of a mostly unsuccessful trip to Target in which we are not buying what we came for because I am an idiot and stopped with the girls at a better higher-priced store to look at the items the girls wanted before we came to Target …Standing in a bullseye


    I broach a subject with Mark about which I am feeling vulnerable.

    Mark immediately rises to the occasion by saying something insensitive.

    I cock my head, which is a clear sign that I am annoyed, “What did you just say?”

    Mark repeats the insensitive thing in a slightly louder and clearer voice, as though …Head-cock

    Pocket hooker

    I close my eyes and sigh, “I hate this.”

    “It’s good for you.”

    “It is not good for me. It makes me feel like a hooker.”

    “You could never be a hooker.”

    “I didn’t say I was planning on being a hooker. I said this makes me feel like a hooker.”

    “You could never …Pocket hooker