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Hope Lies In Less


July 2015
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Contents due to settling


During a time when I wasn’t here …


Neither one of us is good at small talk, it has emerged, and so we are ten minutes into a conversation about storage lockers he and his wife have rented to hold their excess belongings. It’s an office party, and he and I are …Contents due to settling

    Nazi pole-dancer


    Dinner is marked by screaming from Kallan, who seems destined to handle the hormones and emotional instability of adolescence as a sort of miniature Incredible She-Hulk. Lately, any small bit of discontent or frustration causes her to explode in incredulous garment-rending rage. For example, here she is after I have asked her to …Nazi pole-dancer

    The first rule of murder


    Today, I offer you … nine bits of random conversation …


    1) “Here, Mom … I found your glasses in the back yard as though you had left them there to mark the spot of your sinking. So you know, I laid on the ground to look through them before I picked …The first rule of murder



    Kallan hurls herself onto the bed in this guest room that is also my office. “I would like to lodge a complaint.”

    “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

    “I have been reading your posts, and it feels to me that I am not getting enough coverage lately.”

    “Yes, well … you haven’t been giving me …Terrytorry

    Reset of apathy


    “Mother, I am almost ready to move out of this house. Before you know it, I’m going to be out on my own, away from you.”

    I look at Maj and I smile.  “Mmm hmm.”

    “You sound doubtful.”

    “Mmm hmm … in other news, the refrigerator filter light is on.”

    “WHAT DO YOU …Reset of apathy