May 2015
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Mother, listen up …


OK, first?  THANK YOU!  For the RTs and the Shares … I have not made much of an effort to market myself since my return, and it is AMAZING to know that you guys are here for me.  Stay tuned, as I will be making a few more requests in the coming weeks.  …Mother, listen up …

    How it ends for sprinkles


    Kallan takes my hand. “Want me to tell your future?”

    I withdraw my hand. “Not even a little bit.”

    “No, this is different,” she assures me, “I’ve been practicing.”

    Reluctantly, I lay my right hand in her outstretched palm. “This better not be like last time.”

    “Relax … that was just a failure …How it ends for sprinkles

    Digested by nightmare


    “Anything interesting happen in school today?”

    Kallan walks an imaginary balance beam beside me as I wander the back yard gathering the small branches that fell from the trees in the recent storm.  Her arms are outstretched and her toes are pointed, and she says, “I was forced to chew a saltine cracker …Digested by nightmare

    One smooth patch of agony


    Mark hands me a piece of chocolate … one of those foil-wrapped liquor-filled chocolates that’s meant to look like a tiny bottle of whatever alcohol is contained within. I’m chewing a piece of gum I am not inclined to swallow, and so I take the gum out of my mouth and hold it …One smooth patch of agony

    Tan Performo Plasti-Dip Camo


    To: Younger daughter Regarding: Your presentation entitled “Our family goes to Hawaii” Subject: Counterproposal

    Let me start by saying … again … that we are not going to Hawaii. The reasons for this decision are many, and we have been through them with you. Please submit a request in writing for a transcript …Tan Performo Plasti-Dip Camo