March 2015
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Preceded by eyelashes


I had the privilege of attending the 8th-grade Science Fair not so long ago.

Two years ago, Maj did an exceptional science-fair project on the impact of weight distribution within her gravity-powered soapbox car on the speed the car then attained traveling downhill.

Kallan’s project was on the durability of various brands of …Preceded by eyelashes

    Vertical leap


    Mark walks into the room and stands, his hands on his hips, his face twisted with exaggerated thought. He is clearly going to say something, but he says nothing. I sip my coffee and wait. With small considering movements he surveys the entirety of the room, but still says nothing.

    I sip my …Vertical leap

    Tandem splaying


    “Mother, first of all? I need to dress-up as Gertrude Stein for History class tomorrow.”

    “Gertrude Stein?”

    “Yes, Mother.”

    “Huh. Good luck with that.”

    “That’s the extent of your assistance?”

    “Oh right … let me just go to the big closet of literary-figure cosplay and pull out Gertrude Stein.”

    “Cosplay, Mother?”

    “Right? I …Tandem splaying

    Anonymous child I birthed


    I was going through some old bits and pieces of writing, thinking I might tell you about buying the house in which we currently live. I have a lot of notes and a lot of emails that contain scraps of what I like to call “genius,” but none of them are organized in …Anonymous child I birthed

    Butt-rocket roadkill


    It’s just Kallan and Mark and I in the car; Maj is at home doing something that is not us; Mark is driving. Kallan leans forward to tap Mark on the shoulder. “Daddy?”


    “Alright, first of all . . . I know that you must be awfully tired of hearing about your …Butt-rocket roadkill