March 2015
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Certificates of genius

When I was about 8, my dad decided to retire and devote himself more fully to the development of his genius. He got some sort of fellowship from the state of Michigan to make this possible . . . welfare, I think it was called. As part of his grant, my dad was awarded …Certificates of genius

    Money booth of thoughts

    You know that feeling of being spread too thin?

    Yes. That one.

    Like rice paper. I have no depth today.

    I love writing this blog, but I need quiet and time to think. To reflect. To collect my thoughts.

    That has not been afforded me lately.

    I am like one of those contestants at …Money booth of thoughts

    Rage and fury to share

    We took the girls and the in-laws on the Portland Sky Tram today.

    If you ever visit Portland and have just $4.00 to spend on entertainment?  This is where to spend your money.  It was awesome.  There is just no better way to see Portland and the Oregon that surrounds it.  As we rode …Rage and fury to share


    When I am about a thousand pounds into the pregnancy that will bring us Kallan, I decide that we need to get her room ready for her.

    I pick out the paint . . . a shiny bright Granny Smith apple green.  If you are thinking that sounds just dreadful?  Then you would be …Nesting

    Cotton Candy Kissing

    Speaking of exceptional parenting, Mark and I took the girls to a beer and wine festival last Saturday.  Yes, the day before Easter.  It was a little bit weird explaining that we would be skipping the various family-friendly holiday events around town in favor of beer samples.

    “Yeah, photos with the Easter Bunny sounds …Cotton Candy Kissing