January 2015
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Whatevs . . .

Texts without much context . . .

Me: I wish I was there at this moment. Not the whole trip, mind you. Just this moment.

She: Did you see?

Me: Yes, I watched the u-stream. I love you so much. So proud of you.

She: I came really close.

Me: I saw!

She: If …Whatevs . . .

    A dress of peelings

    I am on the edge of my family, a small bit apart.

    Upset with them, but not really. Upset with myself. Upset they were here to witness my weakness.

    I apologize, but I do not forgive myself.

    I sit at the dining-room table in silence. The girls are milling about in the kitchen; their …A dress of peelings

    Ankle-splashed maturity

    I shuffle the cards, wincing as I do so, “Ow.”

    Kallan looks up, “You hurt yourself shuffling cards, Mom? That’s way lame.”

    Maj is instantly alert, “Did you get a paper cut? Did you bleed on the cards? I’m not playing if the cards are covered in bubonia fluid.”

    “Bubonia fluid?”

    “It’s a thing, …Ankle-splashed maturity

    Become the sky

    There is a hammock in this story.

    Bodies sink within gravity’s curved embrace toward the swaying center, one into the other, two versions of one. They stare together at the sky, where billowing leaden clouds, ominous and claiming, race to fill the remaining jigsaw-puzzle remnants of livid bruised sky. One of them lifts a …Become the sky

    Standing in a bullseye

    Maj and Kallan and I are in the midst of a mostly unsuccessful trip to Target in which we are not buying what we came for because I am an idiot and stopped with the girls at a better higher-priced store to look at the items the girls wanted before we came to Target …Standing in a bullseye