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Hope Lies In Less


July 2015
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everyday aware


I don’t remember the book or even the narrative that turned its pages, but I do remember the scene …

A middle-aged man stares into the mirror, marveling at the fact that every time he sees himself, he is disappointed. How can there be disappointment every time? Wouldn’t expectations lower and meet reality …everyday aware

    Injection complete


    Kallan and Mark and I are watching TV… some program that does not allow us to skip commercials. The same four ads play every single time there is a commercial break, and after the third time around, Kallan points to the screen and asks, “Why are they acting like that’s an important feature?”

    …Injection complete

    Perfection shouldn’t hurt



    At the end of another scorching day without air conditioning, Mark climbs into bed, explaining as he throws the covers aside and arranges the sheet, “I took a shower.”

    “So you did.”

    “I’m just saying I took a shower because I generally take a shower in the mornings, but I was covered …Perfection shouldn’t hurt

    Crossing cues


    Maj settles heavily into the couch beside me. “The other day, I was walking, and I stopped at the crosswalk and waited for my turn to cross the street and there was this huge stubborn line of cars and no one would stop to let me cross and I was standing there all …Crossing cues

    Sibling guts and gore holes


    Maj’s voice, when she gets emotional, is very loud indeed. There has been a long string of 95-100 degree days, and we do not have air conditioning. Maj’s voice carries out of the open windows and into the neighborhood astoundingly well. Here I am, raking dry magnolia leaves in the front yard, nodding …Sibling guts and gore holes