March 2015
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Hand model of perfidy


Maj has been taking French for almost three years now, and even though she never speaks it to me (I do not speak any French), she is doing very well in the class. She and I were driving the other day, and out of nowhere (as so often is the case with Maj), …Hand model of perfidy

    Inappropriate gunplay



    Kallan stops in mid-twirl to stare at me. “What?”

    I point. “You need to change your outfit.”

    “Mom, these are my favorite leggings.”

    “Even so … you wear them as pants, and there’s a hole in the crotch.”

    She leans forward to stare between her legs. “Mom, that’s a tiny hole. These …Inappropriate gunplay

    Badly lit by Reno neon


    I am standing in the back yard, minding my own business, when Kallan sidles up to me. She rests her chin on my shoulder. “Hi, Mom. I’m just being casual.” She presses herself closer, gouging her chin down and into my clavicle. As I cringe away from this small assault, she wraps her …Badly lit by Reno neon

    Fog of innocence


    Kallan strides into the room and walks to where I am reclined on the bed, reading a book. She reaches to brush a finger along my cheek. “How are you feeling, Mom?”

    Without looking up from my book, I say, “No, you may not make cookies.”

    Her fingers gather the hair at my …Fog of innocence



    I walk into Mark’s office, and he is standing next to his desk, having just pulled his sweater off over his head. I know this because the sweater he was wearing a few minutes ago is draped on the back of his chair, and because the t-shirt he was wearing under the sweater …Bespoke