April 2015
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Encased in hive


During a summer when I wasn’t here on Pretty All True …


We’ve driven the boat to a lake we’ve never visited before, and Mark backs the boat (still on its trailer) down the ramp and into the water. The girls and I are standing on the dock. As Kallan hops into …Encased in hive

    The pull of her


    Maj slumps into the couch across from me and pulls out a project she’s been working on. “Today I learned it is pretty much impossible to kick open a door that says PULL.”

    “Some days the lessons are more momentous than others.”

    “Whatever, Mother. My foot hurts.”

    “I would imagine.”

    “Stupid door.” She …The pull of her

    Upside-down eyes


    Maj’s bus was supposed to arrive at 4:00, and so we are here at 3:50, just in case and just in time to get a phone call from Maj letting us know that the bus will be about an hour late. Something about confusion concerning which kids were assigned to which bus and …Upside-down eyes

    What if I need you?


    Kallan dances ahead of me in the rain. “When I grow up, I’m moving somewhere warm and sunny.”

    “When I grow up, I am staying right here.”

    She laughs. “You’ll visit me, though.”

    “Eh. I don’t even like traveling now. I’ll be older then, and crabbier. You’ll have to visit me.”

    “Mom, what …What if I need you?

    Vaguely forward


    Imagine Mark and I somewhere touristy without children.

    There’s no way he’ll go for it, but I hold up the brochure anyway. “You can rent bicycles, it says. You want to rent bicycles and ride around?”

    Mark sips his beer. “Not even a little bit.”

    “Come on … it wouldn’t be like an …Vaguely forward