March 2015
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Vertical leap


Mark walks into the room and stands, his hands on his hips, his face twisted with exaggerated thought. He is clearly going to say something, but he says nothing. I sip my coffee and wait. With small considering movements he surveys the entirety of the room, but still says nothing.

I sip my …Vertical leap

    No actual monkey


    Sometimes, she decides again, being married is a pain in the ass. She takes a deep breath as she repeats herself, aware that she is speaking a bit more slowly this time, as though the trouble isn’t that he’s disregarding her words but that he is having difficulty processing them. “The gas gauge …No actual monkey


    I broach a subject with Mark about which I am feeling vulnerable.

    Mark immediately rises to the occasion by saying something insensitive.

    I cock my head, which is a clear sign that I am annoyed, “What did you just say?”

    Mark repeats the insensitive thing in a slightly louder and clearer voice, as though …Head-cock

    Opaque-eyed attentive

    So the other evening, I was coughing (because I have some minor asthma issues associated with my latest bout of seasonal allergies), sniffing (because allergies), crabby and convinced that I was fat and ugly and also possibly dying of bloat-cancer (because I had my period), bleeding and cramping (because I had my period), and …Opaque-eyed attentive

    Venomous pronged hug

    I walk down into the basement office where Mark is working on his computer, “Alright, the girls are in bed, and they want you to come up and hug them goodnight. Neither of them is happy, by which I mean that they are both quite hysterical with rage. Please do not engage the girls …Venomous pronged hug