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September 2015
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everyday aware


I don’t remember the book or even the narrative that turned its pages, but I do remember the scene …

A middle-aged man stares into the mirror, marveling at the fact that every time he sees himself, he is disappointed. How can there be disappointment every time? Wouldn’t expectations lower and meet reality …everyday aware

    Perfection shouldn’t hurt



    At the end of another scorching day without air conditioning, Mark climbs into bed, explaining as he throws the covers aside and arranges the sheet, “I took a shower.”

    “So you did.”

    “I’m just saying I took a shower because I generally take a shower in the mornings, but I was covered …Perfection shouldn’t hurt

    Buckets of failure-cake

    People, two things …

    1) Go buy and read Hope Lies in Less!

    2) OK, I really only had that one thing to say.  So ummm … READ THIS POST … which is short because I am working on other writing I am not currently at liberty to discuss as I am still in …Buckets of failure-cake

    When you put it all together …

     Let me just put this link to Hope Lies in Less right here, and then … on with the story …


    I notice things. Mark notices other things.

    Marriage is tricky.

    Me, pointing: Oh my god, look! Those hawks that have been screaming from the trees like cats for the last few weeks …When you put it all together …

    Vaguely forward


    Imagine Mark and I somewhere touristy without children.

    There’s no way he’ll go for it, but I hold up the brochure anyway. “You can rent bicycles, it says. You want to rent bicycles and ride around?”

    Mark sips his beer. “Not even a little bit.”

    “Come on … it wouldn’t be like an …Vaguely forward